Ecofuel (Cyprus) Ltd

Permits - Certificates

Waste Management Permit

Issued by the Department of Environment and essentially ensures that the waste treatment process is performed in an Environmentally Sound Way.

Industrial Emissions Permit

Former Discharge and IPPC Permit, is considered to be the most demanding environmental permit, covering all environmental aspects of a hazardous wastes treatment facility.

ISO 14001

The company is certified with the recognized environmental standard ISO 14001 since 2011.

CCC | Iqnet

OSHA 18001

The company is certified with the recognized health and safety standard OSHA 18001 since 2013.

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Waste Law  (Ν.185(Ι)/2011)
Industrial Emissions Law (Ν.184(Ι)/2013)
Pollution Control Law (Ν.106(Ι)/2002)
Air Emissions Control Law (Ν.187(Ι)/2002)

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